City of Philadelphia Financial Disclosure System

  • Are you a new City employee? Use your 6-digit Employee Number as your username and the word password as your password.
  • Have you filed before? Use your 6-digit Employee Number as your username and use the password you created before. Click on “Password Help” if you have forgotten your password.
  • If you wish to change your password, click the "Chg. Password" link in the upper right corner of your screen after logging in.
  • Are you a new City Board or Commission member? Click on "Register" to create an account or contact the Board of Ethics at 215-686-9450 for assistance.

The Financial Disclosure System is a web application that allows you to file annual financial disclosure statements electronically. The system provides a quicker and more accurate method for filing statements than completing paper forms by hand.

This application can generate these statements:
 • City of Philadelphia Statement of Financial Interests
 • Mayor's Executive Order Financial Disclosure Statement
 • Commonwealth of PA Statement of Financial Interests

Check with your department administrator or legal counsel to determine if you are required to complete any or all of these statements.

Please be advised that statements of financial interest filed by City of Philadelphia officials and employees are available for public inspection and copying in the Records Department and may be posted online. If you are concerned that disclosure of information submitted would be reasonably likely to pose a specific threat to your personal security or the personal security of an individual named on your form, please submit specific details regarding your concern to:

This application only works with the Internet Explorer web browser.